Grip summer party

Collaborator: Kyle Simons, Hazel Santiago

Agency: Grip Limited


Every year Grip throws a massive summer party.

So massive, they can't even plan it themselves.

So, they enlisted the help of some apprentices.


We chose "Summer Mixtape" as our theme and took to the recording studio to create covers of popular 80's, 90's, and 00's songs, rewritten to include party information. Oh, and we got the staff to sing them all. The entire 5-song mixtape was available on the party's invitation microsite.


People could also request a song to be

dedicated to a friend (or foe) at the party.

Microsite invitation


Side a

Side b

icebreaker cards


Upon arrival, everyone was given half a card

with an incomplete lyric on it.

Guests were prompted to find their other half.

Did everyone find theirs? Probably. Did I? Unfortunately not. I still lie awake at night humming

"In the shape of an 'L' on her forehead."

It's a dark time for me. 






Mixtape cover - back


Mixtape cover - front

Mixtape-case drink menu


To encourage people to find their icebreaker matches, we created custom menus in CD cases

 that highlighted drinks that were only available to partners with complete lyrics. Some of the agency's most famous faces made their debut, too.

Watch out for their upcoming EPaw.





Mixtape cover - inside front

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